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Terms of Use:

These terms govern your use of our website or services. Our services are designed to allow people from all over Jamaica to easily create a beautiful and engaging home presence for themselves, to create and cultivate the lifestyle they imagine, content and ideas, and overall have a great experience doing so. Our Online Support Team will help you with any issues you have on the site (507-0865)


Upon purchasing a product from MSD Total Hardware & Supplies Limited the customer has 5 Business Days to collect the item unless otherwise negotiated in any form of contract.
Our Commitment

MSD Total Hardware & Supplies Limited is committed to providing our valued customers a unique shopping experience not burdened by long lines and poor customer service. It is important that our customers are comfortable and receive quality treatment.
Our Services and Head Office are based out of Kingston, Jamaica WI. It is our intention to provide the country of Jamaica with the most efficient and quality service available.

Payment Methods:


Online Payment Methods:
Currently our only payment method accepted online is credit/debit card. It is our goal to establish other forms of payment including PayPal, MPay, Quisk and many more. In order to provide our customers with more options we aim to enhance our payment methods by January 2021 (this may happen before that date). All Payments received in JMD (Jamaican Dollars). In the Future we will be accepting Payments in USD (US Dollars)
In-Store Payment Methods:
In-Store payment methods include Cash, Credit Card, Debit Card, Cheque, Store Credit and Gift Cards! All of these options are available to every customer. However, when paying by Cheque customers will not be able to get the product(s) until the Cheque has been cleared through the bank. All Payments received in JMD (Jamaican Dollars). USD is accepted in store as well. 
  • NCB Cheques: (1-4 Business Days
  • Other Banks Cheques (3-5 Business Days)
Your use of this Site constitutes your agreement and acceptance without modification of the Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and Delivery Policy set forth. We thank you for your business.

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