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Metylan Crack Filler 500g

by Metylan
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Instructions for use:

Mix 1 1/2 to 2 parts Metylan Crack-Filler with 1 Part of Water. Stir well, until an even consistent paste is achieved. The Paste will be workable for about 1 hour and then will set quickly. Never add new filler to old, which has already set.

Surface Preparation: 

Clean surface of dust, dirt and wallpaper residue. Distemper and paint must be washed off. The surface must be free from dust and all loose particles of mortar. 


The spatula or a trowel spread Metylan Crack Filler equally over all the surface. Sinks and gaps may be closed by pressing a thicker paste into the openings. After setting, Metylan Crack-Filler gives an even neutral, firm surface.