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EdgeChem Concrete Primer 5 Gallon

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Edgechem Concrete Primer is designed for use on new Masonry walls, drywall and hardboard. It is formulated to provide excellent adhesion to all masonry surfaces and is compatible with all emulsion topcoats. 

EdgeChem Concrete Primer is suitable for use as a primer on new interior, exterior concrete and cement surfaces. 

Surface Preparation:

  • Fill all cracks and crevices with an appropriate filler
  • The surface to be primed must be free of dirt, grease, wax, mildew, fungus, chalk, and peeling paint. New or unpainted surfaces should be cured for at least 30 days before priming with EdgeChem Concrete Primer
  • If the concrete surface is very smooth, apply a concrete etching solution to roughen the surface. Wash surface thoroughly with clean water and allow to dry before priming. 


Stir Concrete Primer thoroughly before application. Apply using a clean brush or roller. No reduction is required, however if necessary, thin with no more than 1/2 pint of water per gallon of Concrete Primer. 


Approximately 380 Square feet per gallon depending on surface porosity and texture.